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Nicaiah Pericles

“Preternatural Festivities”

Work In Progress Pictures


Artist Statement

       When I first began this painting I was working on general concepts of wonder, oddness, and disorientation. As this is currently a work in progress the materials used to create this are colored pencil and terracotta clay on a 16”x22” canvas. The piece depicts a summer festival, either at the start or near the end of it that is centered around fireflies. There will be small details
all knitted together into a cohesive scene with people passing by, gift stalls, and games. In the center of all is a firefly float with a human head, the base of the float is encrusted with summer blooming flowers, or at least those associated with the season, and decorated with petals and ornate blades of grass. On the float itself are people in costumes and at its side are men on stilts.
       This work went through several iterations before I decided on a perspective that captured the scene I wanted to tell. I wanted the looming face of the float to capture the viewer's attention and then have the details let the line of focus slowly trickle down to the people going about their lives below. The color palette will be orange yellow reds and soft blues, color choices that for me bring up an image of a burning lightbulb which I thought would go nicely with the overall motif.
       My current goals are to better myself at transcribing scenes I think of onto paper and providing an overall atmospheric experience through color and shape. Over the course of my freshman year of high school I had neglected doing art, not even big pieces, just sitting down and doodling which is a peaceful activity for me. But due to this microgrant I found myself making
time to draw again, planning out pieces of the work and its overall composition until I could get it in a place where I could look back and enjoy it.

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