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Painting Wall

Stuyvesant High School

Creative Arts Initiative


How to Apply

Have a creative project idea? In need of nourishing your creative practice? Desire a creative outlet and need a bit of accountability? Apply to the Creative Arts Initiative! We offer $50 microgrants for students in need of financial support to carry out independent creative project(s) during the school year. Projects produced with the funds will be part of a fall showcase in November of the coming school year.  


How do you apply?

Provide a 3-4 sentence project description of how the funds will assist in the making of your creative project. Submit your project description to one of the art teachers - Ms. Leo, Mr. Wrigley, Ms. Karp or Ms. Chu - by Friday, January 19, 2024, and you will hear back by Friday, February 9, 2024. When granted, use the funds as needed, enjoy the making of your project, request technical help and feedback from art teachers as needed, and then submit your project for the fall showcase in November of the coming school year. Enjoy!

** Deadline has been extended to Friday, February 9

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