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Alicia jas Yu

“Dear Grandma...”

Artist Statement

The title of my short film is Dear Grandma.... It is a tribute film acknowledging all the memories I had with my grandma, my appreciation for her, and a celebration of her life. I made this film using my camera, the Panasonic Lumix G7, and edited it on Adobe Premiere Pro.


What inspired me to do this project was understanding the fact that my grandma’s time here may be cut short due to the recent health problems she’s been having. I thought it would be a good time to make this film so that she can still see it when she has the chance. In this piece I tried to convey a heartfelt and hopeful feeling.

My goals with this piece was to try to make it personable and emotional. I believe I achieved that, as I do get a sense of feeling throughout the film.

I learned that it’s good to take a lot of different videos for a project like this, where you need to have all of these different memories embedded to make the story interesting. The final piece is somewhat of what I imagined. I wanted to make it more of a documentary style by doing some interviews, but never got around to them. Nonetheless, I got down the emotional element I
wanted out of this film. This piece will definitely influence my future artworks, as it will teach me how I can convey an even stronger emotion in my future films, as well as how I would like to structure my future films.

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