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Manaal Khurram Earth Ice Cream2.HEIC

Manaal Khurram

“Earth Ice Cream”

Other Angles of Submitted Work

Manaal Khurram Earth Ice Cream.HEIC
Manaal Khurram Earth Ice Cream3.HEIC

Artist Statement

       This piece uses ice cream, flavoured Earth, on a lava cone sprinkled in drought land to illustrate the decay of our planet due to global warming. It also demonstrates how the Earth is something like a cone of ice cream; while we enjoy it we don’t realize that it’s slowly melting. This piece went through many drafts, including a miniature restaurant and a model head, to reach this 3D structure. A collage of oceans was made inside of a tape structure for the Earth and the cone depicts lava as it seeps from the inside of the Earth, running under drought conditions brought about by global warming. I thought that it was important to display the duality of this situation by showing the ocean along with land that is void of any water. Although global warming may seem aloof to us just like this small piece of art, it is affecting the lives of many people who face droughts, rising water levels, hurricanes, increased wildfires, and more. We have the power to use the opportunities we are surrounded by to carve a better future not just for our loved ones or future generations, but also for current generations of people that are facing the real consequences of our actions. Whether it is by taking small steps like decreasing our carbon footprints or big steps like dedicating our careers towards fighting global warming, it is crucial that everyone faces this problem so that we can all step towards a solution as one race, the human race.

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