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Trisha Kumar
“Riverside Walk”, 2023
Glass Painting

When I was younger, I lived in Memphis, Tennessee. I had many golden memories there, of which the most memorable happened at the Mississippi banks. Every afternoon, I would go walking along this scenic route and play with my friends until sunset. Over time, even the most beautiful memories can start to fade. In order to immortalize my memories of my daily walks, I painted this piece.

My artwork depicts a sunset reflecting on the Mississippi River. A girl, representing both my younger self and my retrospection, stands watching the scenery. The natural element of the work provides a sense of tranquility, sublime beauty, and nostalgia.

The painting is made with acrylic paint on glass. I have always wanted to paint on a unique medium. Glass being a naturally reflective material is literally and figuratively perfect to reflect my memories. My goal upon taking this challenge was to experiment with new material and embark on an artistic and personal adventure.

Aside from portraying an ethereal memory, this natural scene portrays other themes as well. The first being humility. Despite all the importance we give ourselves in our professional and daily lives, we are nothing in front of the vastness of nature. Another theme this painting portrays is the light-heartedness and gaiety of childhood through the image of a girl playing along the riverbank. These moments of care-free leisure, unfortunately, grow less common with our age. Yet, the simplicity of these moments always remain a key aspect of happiness and human life.

To reflect on my work so far, I am proud of my experimentation with new materials and the new techniques I learnt along the way.

I am so thankful to be a recipient of this grant. It has enabled me to grow in my artistic skills and enjoy many moments bringing my memories to life!

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